Print Process

We offer three printing processes: digital, lithography and bespoke. To select the best printing method for your project, you need to take into account your desired quantity, deadline and finish.

Digital printing is the most common option for short- and medium-run, quick-turnaround projects. Our Xerox presses can produce excellent results on a variety of paper and card. Next-day delivery is available for short-run projects. Printing on the HP Indigo press - which matches the look of a litho print while still offering a quick turnaround and low to medium quantities - is also available.

Lithography is a cost-effective method if you need to print a large quantity of items, however the turnaround time can be around 10-14 working days. This printing method allows you to use Pantone and metallic inks on a wide variety of paper and card. We will be happy to advise you on whether digital or litho is your best option once we know your quantity, specifications, desired turnaround time and budget.
Bespoke services include embossing, thermographics, double mounting up to 700gsm, metallic foil, die-cutting and UV varnish, to name a few. They can be part of both a digitally- or litho-printed project. Feel free to get in touch if you would like to discuss a bespoke product, we will make sure you achieve your desired result while staying within your budget.